What are other uses?

3D Virtual Showcases can be used for a wide variety of industries.

See below for some of the possibilities, but really, it is only limited by your imagination. If you have a "space" you would like scanned and turned into a 3D Virtual Showcase, contact us and we can discuss the possibilities.

Banquet Halls and Meeting Spaces

Banquet Halls / Meeting Spaces

Show potential customers what you offer

Weddings or large business meetings are important events, and event planners would really benefit from being able to see and walk through the 3D VIrtual Space that they are considering to rent for a real world event.  Is it big enough? Does it havae the right atmosphere?  Show them how large the space really is, or how big the stage is. Show off any included equipment like lighting, speakers, etc.  There's nothing quite like being there to see it in person, but a 3D Virtual Showcase is the next best thing, as it is like being there!

Museum or Gallery

Museums / Galleries

Show off a new exhibit or the whole gallery/museum

Entice the public with a 3D Virtual Showcase of what your gallery or museum offers.  Show off an intruiging new exhibit, or show off the entire space... it is completely up to you.

Wellness Center or Fitness Center

Wellness / Fitness

Show potential customers what you offer

Wellness and Fitness centers can benefit from showing off exactly what they offer.  Show off the ambience of a wellness center, or  the variety of fitness equipment in a fitness center.  Show your customers exactly what you offer.


New Construction

Show the progress of construction

Show the progress of construction to an off island investor. Or,  how about a 3D Virtual Showcase of your show suite while the rest of the property is still under development?  



Perfect for showcasing beautiful architecture

Showcase your work.   

Yacht, Airplane, Vehicles

Airplanes, Yachts, Pirate Ships

Any vehicle can be scanned

Though a little trickier with not entirely enclosed spaces, there are still many situations where a 3D Virtual Showcase can be used on a boat, yacht, ship or airplane.

Retail Stores

Showcase your store

A 3D Virtual Showcase could show potential customers what type of products you have, the size of the store, and of course, the ambiance as well.



Show how cozy your restaurant is

Show off a private party room, your seaside terrace, or show off the entire restaurant.  

The Unusual

The Unusual

Your imagination is the only limit

Any interior or somewhat enclosed space can be scanned and turned into a 3D Virtual Showcase.  Caves, submarines, outdoor terraces, monuments... and more.  Use your imagination, and contact us if you have something in mind that is not mentioned here.

What are the Benefits?

Why use 3D Virtual Showcases ?

More Customers

Statistics show that offering 3D Virtual Showcases on your web site will generate 97% more leads, and web site visitors will stay on your site upt to 4½ times longer!  
That all equates to more customers visiting/using your physical business and increasing your revenues.

Ease the Customer's Decision

Immersive 3D tours allow potential customers to experience each speace and explore every feature within the space. This will result in a lot fewer questions from the guest and save the owner/manager of the space a lot of time when dealing with the customer.  Plus, customers are much more likely to choose a space that they can see and experience, over one that they cannot.

Stand Out in a Crowd

People have a choice as to where they visit, rent, eat, play, etc Give yourself an advantage over your direct competition. If you use 3D Virtual Tours, and your competitor does not, you will come out on top. Its as simple as that!

This is the Perfect Solution
for Many Industries!

There are always questions about certain features that are not clear in photos or descriptions. Offering your customers online 3D Virtual Showcases of your space, allows them to move through and explore every aspect of the space in 3D from the comfort of their own home.  

Imagine the convenience!

This sounds amazing!
What's the cost?

See our pricing tables.  Ask us about multi unit discounts!